Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say Iran

It was the death in September of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini that ignited the boldest challenge to the hardline theocratic rule of the country’s clerics. Protesters in several Spanish cities including Madrid and Barcelona were due to hold competing rallies for International Women’s Day, reflecting divisions within the feminist movement over trans rights and the prohibition of prostitution. Britain also announced a package of sanctions against what it described as “global violators of women’s rights”. One sunny morning in Tehran, Neda was about to leave her apartment when she decided to make an extraordinary change to a very ordinary day. Sign up to receive expert analyses from our community on the most important global issues, rapid insights on events as they unfold, and highlights of the Council’s best work. Officials say they are reviewing the enforcement rules and plan to announce updated measures.

We have heard about the optics of the US Supreme Court mixing religious beliefs and the law. The women in Iran would like to practice their religion independently and not have their lives dictated by others. In many ways, women’s rights are not just an Iran problem but a problem that belongs to all humanity; hence we all now have the responsibility to speak out against injustices. Today, Iran remains a land of deep contradictions not just in politics but also in love, sex, and marriage. While women’s participation in the formal economy is very low, they are heavily involved in the informal economy. A significant number of urban women have also chosen to stay single or, if divorced or widowed, not to remarry. Yet school textbooks remain deeply conservative, portraying women primarily as wives and mothers.

  • Although the extensive frontline participation of women in protest movements often makes them more effective, it also raises the stakes dramatically.
  • Iran seeks the release of Assadollah Assadi, sentenced in Belgium in 2021 over an unsuccessful 2018 bomb plot.
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  • Women deemed violators of the law can lose access to banks, public transportation, and other essential government services.
  • Unemployed people feel stress about finding a new job and employed feel less secure about being able to keep one .

In 1999, students took to the streets for six days of demonstrations, resulting in thousands of arrests and many missing, injured, or killed. In 2009, post-election protests spiraled into the biggest demonstrations in thirty years—a Green movement with over three million participants that went on for six months. Again, protesters were violently repressed, with a reported 3,700 arrested and at least eighty killed . The killing of Mahsa Amini while in the hands of Iran’s Morality Police six weeks ago was yet again an example of violence against women perpetrated by the Islamic Republic—and the violence has been not only physical, but social, legal, and economic as well.

Chemical Attacks Continue On Students In Iran As Regime Blames The West

Prisons officials under Bakshi’s oversight have used their positions of power to coerce women inmates into having sexual relations in exchange for better treatment, such as short furloughs from prison. Bakhshi has personally overseen the physical abuse of prisoners held for political or religious reasons. Prison officials in his jurisdiction have attacked such prisoners with batons, tear gas, and electroshock weapons. TIME magazine on Thursday named Iranian human rights activist and VOA program host Masih Alinejad among the publication’s 12 Women of the Year for her work on behalf of women’s rights in her home country.

Health Official Says ‘Irritant Substances’ Used In Iran School Attacks

The anti-government demonstrations have shown few signs of stopping despite a violent crackdown in which, according to rights groups, at least 471 people were killed. More than 18,200 people have been arrested, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group monitoring the demonstrations. On Saturday, Iran’s chief prosecutor, Mohamed Jafar Montazeri, said the religious police “had been closed,” in a report published by the semi-official news agency, ISNA. He was also quoted as saying that the government was reviewing the mandatory hijab law. My life and the lives of millions of people of Iranian heritage who emigrated would have been radically different. In the United States, we have the means to find and achieve the best in ourselves.

UK-based Iranian TV channel moves to US after threats from Tehran

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Less strict veiling in public returned among traditional urban middle-class communities, but the vast majority of the more modern middle-class women remained unveiled. The substantial breakdown of both religious and gender segregation in Tehran and other major cities only further infuriated the most traditionalist religious Iranians. The rise of the Pahlavi dynasty, in 1925, coincided with a new era of gender and sexual politics, alongside the emergence of a more educated middle class. Under Reza Shah Pahlavi, who ruled from 1925 to 1941, they could not achieve the first, but they lent him their support in order to achieve the latter. His support for the sciences undermined clerics when it became clear that many religious rituals, such as ghusl , spread diseases.

The share of women in higher education has risen 20-fold since the regime took power in 1979. Educated but thwarted, many Iranian women are in a good position to describe their plight and demand change. These books portray the stunting of women’s lives in the country, as well as their variety. On 16 September 2022, a 22-year-old Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini was arrested for alleged wearing her Hijab improperly and later died after according to eyewitnesses, she had been severely beaten by religious morality police officers. Amini’s death received global attention and became a symbol of violence against women under the Islamic Republic of Iran, sparking a series of anti-compulsory hijab protests across the world. The protests have been “nationwide, spread across social classes, universities, the streets schools”, and called the “biggest challenge” to the government of Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.